Has Mac Lost His Allies at Calvary?

Season 1 Episode 107
CC | tv-pg
Mac is in a tight spot. On one side, Grace is investigating his past in hopes of finding the silver bullet that will take him down. On the other, the bishop is angry at him for letting the church audit get out of hand.

Meanwhile, Mac's father, Henry McCready, has been dropping by to ask him for money, much to Lady Mae's chagrin. One day, the old man appears in the hallways of Calvary with a black eye, and security can't get him to leave. When Mac and Lady Mae spot their father, all hell breaks loose.

With Mac, Lady Mae and the bishop looking on, the security team tries to escort Henry to the exit at Lady Mae's request. The old man is enraged. "My daughter is a high-yellow whore," he shouts. "She ain't even mine!"

That's when Mac takes him by the elbow and starts walking him toward the door. Henry pleads with Mac to give him some money. When Mac finally reaches into his pocket to pull out cash, however, Lady Mae erupts.

"Don't you dare give him a cent," she screams from across the hallway.

She rushes toward her father and stares him in the face. "You leave this church right now. This is a house of God, and you don't belong here," she says. "I cast you down in the Almighty name of Jesus. Leave. You have no place here, Daddy."

Just before Noah calls the police, the McCready patriarch agrees to leave. Before he does, though, he turns to Mac for one last appeal. "Come on, boy, you know the deal," he says. "Just give me whatever you can, and I'll figure out the rest."

Mac hands his father a wad of bills, and Lady Mae storms off, followed by the bishop. Mac is left alone to ponder whether he might be on the brink of losing one of his closest allies at Calvary.