Grace Is Wary of Rochelle Cross

Season 3 Episode 301
Aired on 08/28/2018 | CC tv-pg
Grace has had her eye on Rochelle Cross and shares her suspicions about the mysterious woman with Darius. Grace has noticed that Rochelle is getting a little too close to her father, and to her as well.

"What do you think she wants?" Darius asks.

"I don't know," Grace replies. "But I feel like she's trying to come between my parents. I know she's done it at another church. She's not going to do it at mine."

"Yours?" Darius cuts in. "That's new."

"No matter what my mother thinks, no matter what she says, this church matters to me. My family even more so," Grace says. "I won't let either of them go down without a fight."

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