Grace Questions Rochelle About Her Past

Season 3 Episode 308
Aired on 10/17/2018 | CC tv-pg
Grace and Rochelle are working well together as partners for Calvary's legal defense program, and they've even made progress with the Coralie Hunter case. However, Grace is still on a mission to figure out what Rochelle's true motives are. As they watch over Coralie's supervised visitation with her children, Grace questions Rochelle about her connections at Child Protective Services.

"You haven't let that go yet, have you?" Rochelle replies.

"It's a natural question," Grace says. "I'm just waiting for a natural answer."

Rochelle explains that she met her connection through Big Brothers Big Sisters of America and reveals that she was actually a Big Sister herself. "I've got four girls out there running the world. I hit 'em up for favors sometimes," Rochelle says. "I'm not what you think."

"Then what are you?" Grace says.

"I'm just like you, Grace," Rochelle answers. "Someone who, no matter how I high I rise, no matter how well I do, I can't help but to see myself in low, lost souls. And just like you, I won't stop fighting till all the folks who keep them down are brought low too.""

"That sounds a lot like revenge," Grace says in a hushed tone.

"Well, maybe the DA was right about you," Rochelle responds. "I just see it as justice."

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