Grace Greenleaf Goes to Church, And...

Season 1 Episode 101
CC | tv-pg
After 20 years, Grace "Gigi" Greenleaf, once a promising young preacher in the first family of the massive mega-church Calvary Fellowship World Ministries, is back in Memphis, Tennessee. She's returning for the funeral of her sister Faith, who died under mysterious circumstances.

The unofficial family reunion gets off to a rocky start. Her father, Bishop James Greenleaf, who runs Calvary, welcomes her with open arms. Her mother, on the other hand, coldly warns her against disturbing the family's peace. Meanwhile, Gigi's uncle Robert "Mac" McCready stares her down. Nevertheless, the bishop insists that she attend church on Sunday.

During the service, the bishop delivers a stirring sermon that seems both universal and deeply personal. His tale of old friends reuniting after years apart takes on greater significance with Gigi sitting in the pews. Here, the bishop's words lead father and daughter into a tearful embrace.