Does the Bishop Need to Pay Up?

Season 1 Episode 101
CC | tv-pg
Should mega-churches continue to be exempt from paying taxes?

The charismatic and fiercely intelligent Bishop James Greenleaf has collected a large sum of money over the years from the parishioners of his mega-church, Calvary Fellowship World Ministries. So much, in fact, that the government has started to take notice.

The senior senator from Tennessee, Bob Banks, pays a visit to the bishop's office to reveal that the Senate is launching an inquiry into whether Calvary and other large religious institutions are using their tax-exempt status to bilk the country out of billions of dollars.

The bishop is incredulous when he learns why they've come. "For real?"

"For real," the senator says. "What?"

"Well, I'm just wondering...what are white people going to think when they see black people picking on each other like this?"

"What will black people think if we don't?" Sen. Banks says.

The bishop's coffers are about to get a whole lot of unwanted attention.