Dissecting Basie Skanks' Bombshell Revelation

Season 2
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Throughout Season 1 of OWN's hit show Greenleaf, Basie Skanks, the lead pastor at Triumph Church, had it out for Bishop James Greenleaf, the lead pastor at Calvary Fellowship World Ministries.

The motivations weren't entirely clear, but a possible explanation could have been that Basie simply wanted to pummel the competition and bring more parishioners into Triumph. When news broke that Basie was building a second church, Triumph 2, across the street from Calvary and was asking the bishop's only son, Jacob, to preach there, the rivalry intensified.

Finally, in the dramatic close to the Season 2 premiere, Basie marches into Bishop Greenleaf's office and reveals his real, painfully personal motivation for taking down his nemesis. Here, in this digital exclusive, Jason Dirden, the actor who plays Basie, offers a glimpse into the creative process of how that stunning moment came together.