Deborah Joy Winans on Kevin's "Brutal" Confession Scene

Season 2
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From the outside, Kevin Satterlee and Charity Greenleaf-Satterlee seemed to have a healthy, happy marriage. However, there was a ticking time bomb beneath the surface: Kevin's attraction to men.

Kevin revealed the truth about his feelings near the end of Season 1 of Greenleaf in an explosive confrontation. Deborah Joy Winans, who plays Charity, tells OWN that filming the devastating scene was "brutal."

"Each time [we filmed the scene] was just...we have to go and take a breath and breathe because this is hard; this is real," Deborah says. "It was hurting my insides to do this, but that's what needed to happen for people to connect."

Here, in this digital exclusive, Deborah explains why she believes capturing such an intense performance is totally worth it.

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