Darius Asks Grace on a Date

Season 2 Episode 202
Aired on 03/22/2017 | CC tv-pg
The powerful Greenleaf family, who run Calvary Fellowship World Ministries, a massive mega-church in Memphis, Tennessee, often find themselves in the spotlight. The latest person trying to uncover their secrets is the handsome journalist Darius Nash (played by former NBA player Rick Fox).

As Grace approaches Calvary's front entrance, Darius pops out from behind a pillar and hails her. Assuming he's after the latest scoop in his investigation of the Greenleafs' affairs, Grace warily gives the dogged reporter a perfunctory "no comment." However, Grace is somewhat taken aback when Darius denies that he's there in an official capacity—and proceeds to ask her out on a "post-scandal date." Here, Grace gives Darius her answer.

Is an unlikely romance brewing between Grace and the man attempting to expose her family's secrets to the world? Find out Wednesday, March 22, at 10/9c—only on OWN.