Danielle's Confession

Season 1 Episode 102
Grace "Gigi" Greenleaf is back in town, and she's on a mission.

Grace believes her uncle Robert "Mac" McCready is guilty of one of the most heinous crimes an adult can commit—and she's determined to take him down.

She begins her journey with a dossier retrieved by her aunt Mavis McCready. Inside it, there is a USB containing the taped confession of a teenager named Danielle, one of the girls Mac allegedly sexually assaulted.

The tape begins with the girl stating her name and age: Danielle, 15.

"Can you tell me about the night between you and Mr. McCready?" the interrogator asks.

"He took me out to the church's camp," Danielle says with difficulty. "He said he was just going to teach me how to fish. Then, when I threw out the fishing pole, he took it out of my hand, and then, he started kissing me."

"And what happened after that?" the interviewer asks.

"I told him to stop," Danielle says.

"And what did he do?"

"He just kept kissing me harder and harder. It hurt. Then, he put his hands down my pants and—" Danielle stops, unable to continue.

"It's okay. Take your time," the interviewer says sympathetically.

"I told him I'd tell," Danielle continues. "He didn't care."

"Mr. McCready wasn't at all concerned that you might tell someone what he'd done to you?"


"Why not?"

"He said no one would believe me."

Here, in grim silence, Grace listens to Danielle's horrifying account.