Inside the Episode: Chaos at Calvary

Season 3 Episode 311
Greenleaf show creator Craig Wright and executive producer Kriss Turner Towner discuss Episode 311, "The End Is Near." Craig and Kriss begin their conversation by addressing the FBI raid scene at Calvary. "It's probably one of the most filmic sequences we've ever done, where you're really popping from place to place, and situation to situation, faster than we usually do," Craig says. "Usually we have these long scenes with the big shape, and this was very much like a movie, which was really fun to write."

Craig and Kriss then dig into how the FBI raid, brought on by the bishop's dealings with Rochelle Cross, affects Lady Mae. "I feel like it's that moment in a story where the person is just about to achieve their goal and then you just pull them down," Craig explains. "The bishop's wrongdoing is still going to ruin Mae's chance at redemption. You tie yourself to this man, and he just ruins everything."

Craig and Kriss also discuss the tensions between Lady Mae and Grace now that Grace knows that Lionel could possibly be her biological father. "I just wanted to know why Lady Mae had this relationship and this iciness that she's had with Grace," Kriss mentions.

"Well, I think the viewers have been theorizing something like this from very early on. I feel like there's a great sense of destiny coming into these last couple episodes," Craig says. "Finally we're going to learn the truth about what the whole problem in this show is."

"I loved it because it was just so real, and it happens in families, and I'm glad we did it," Kriss adds. "I'm just really, really glad we did it."

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