Inside the Episode: Bishop Greenleaf's Struggle

Season 3 Episode 309
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Greenleaf show creator Craig Wright and executive producer Kriss Turner Towner discuss Episode 309, "Runaway Train." Craig begins the conversation by digging into the episode's title as it relates to the bishop's arc within the episode, pointing to the scene where the bishop tells Sophia a story about a runaway train, in hopes of restoring her faith in God. "I think that when the bishop tells that story about the runaway train, he's talking to her to try to give her a way back in," Craig explains. "But also he's talking about what it's like to be him, and he's saying, 'I'm not in control of everything,' and I think he's definitely feeling that in this episode."

Craig says that a big theological question is at the heart of the episode. "Does God have to be in control to be God? Could God still be God if God wasn't in control?" Craig asks. "Everyone will have their own answer to that question. It's an interesting question, and the runaway-train story sort of gets at it."

"There are so many scenes in there that you just feel like [the bishop] is empty without family," Kriss adds. "Even though he is trying to reconnect, he misses being in the mansion and, you know, what was there. How do you get that back?"

Craig and Kriss also discuss the bishop's ongoing dealings with Rochelle Cross, his family woes and his parting conversation with an ailing Lionel.

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