Inside the Episode: Sophia's Test of Faith

Season 3 Episode 307
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Greenleaf show creator Craig Wright and executive producer Kriss Turner Towner discuss Episode 307, "That Was Then." Craig and Kriss revisit Sophia's struggle with her inability to have children, centering their conversation around Sophia's faith being tested as she is going through this emotional time. "I think at some point, you know, you think, 'What the heck is God doing?'" Kriss says.

"Is God even doing it? Like, is God the one doing this to me or not?" Craig adds. "I think it's important, in a show about faith, to have a person struggling with it, who doesn't quite see the sense in it."

Craig also points out that Sophia may not even be aware of the test. "When people talk about times when their faith was tested, they don't know how that's going to turn out. They don't think of it as a test. They think everything is changed now for good," Craig says. "Only afterwards, when they come around, will they say, 'Oh, yeah, my faith was tested that time.' So, I would say that right now, Sophia does not feel she is in a test. To her, it's over."

Craig and Kriss also discuss Zora leaving the Greenleaf mansion and Jacob's vulnerable moment with Tasha. Plus, Craig and Kriss touch on the likelihood of the bishop and Lady Mae getting back together.

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