Inside the Episode: Sophia's Heartbreaking Diagnosis

Season 3 Episode 305
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Greenleaf show creator Craig Wright and executive producer Kriss Turner Towner discuss the intense moments in Episode 305, "Closing Doors." Craig and Kriss begin by addressing the heartbreaking scene where, in the aftermath of a medical emergency, Sophia learns that she will not be able to have children. "Bad things happen to good people," Craig says. "We wanted to give Sophia something to challenge her and make her angry and fight back against in her spirit."

"I also like that Grace didn't have the perfect answer," Kriss adds. "You know, I think that was really just a real moment for me, 'cause I was...what do you say?"

Craig confesses that he thought it would be harder to get such a plotline greenlighted. "When we first came up with that story, I really expected to get pushback from the studio and the network about it," he says. "Like: 'You can't do that to Sophia; that's so terrible.' And I don't think anybody said that. Because it's a real thing that happens to people. It's one of my favorite stories of the season."

Craig and Kriss also discuss Lady Mae's bold attempt to take over at Calvary after the divorce. "All of the notes we got back about this were like, 'This has never happened before. This doesn't work this way.' And we were saying, 'That's why we want to do it,'" Craig reveals. "And I really am proud of this story because the fact that she never gives up on what I think is such a just cause is, to me, a very important thing to put on TV."

Here, Craig and Kriss expand on what makes Lady Mae's arc so special. Plus, Craig points to the unexpected levity during Charity's vending machine meltdown as an example of Kriss' influence on the new season.

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