Inside the Episode: Could Grace Be the Next Head Pastor of Calvary?

Season 3 Episode 304
CC | tv-pg
Greenleaf show creator Craig Wright and executive producer Kriss Turner Towner discuss Episode 304, "The Underdog," directed by Clement Virgo. Kriss starts off the conversation by highlighting the scene where Lady Mae visits and seeks advice from her longtime friend Pastor Maxine Patterson. "I thought that Lady Mae, who's polished and very dignified—I wanted to see her loosen up. I wanted someone to remind her of the days when they were in college," Kriss explains. "She needed somebody who could be like, 'Okay, you know what? Be real with me.'"

Craig and Kriss also offer their insights on Grace potentially taking over as the head pastor at Calvary. "I think Grace's relationship to the pulpit at this point is very complicated," Craig says. "She's been gone a long time. She tried to take that role on, and it didn't work out too well. She's a lot more forward-thinking than a lot of the membership at the church. It's not really a great fit."

Additionally, Kriss points out that Grace taking over Calvary would further complicate her relationship with Lady Mae. "I think that Grace knows that her mother is not fully supportive of her ever taking over that church."

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