Inside the Episode: What's Rochelle Cross' Plan?

Season 3 Episode 303
Greenleaf show creator Craig Wright and executive producer Kriss Turner Towner discuss Episode 303, "Chain of Command." In this episode, Craig and Kriss focus their conversation on Rochelle Cross and her plan to take down the Greenleaf family. Craig points out that Rochelle Cross is just getting started. "This is where you start to really see the long game for Rochelle: that her plan is to destroy the Bishop, destroy Jacob, destroy the whole family on behalf of Basie," he says. "With Tasha as a slightly unwilling accomplice."

Craig and Kriss also address the bishop and Lady Mae's failing marriage and how Lady Mae is handling it all. "She has put everything into the bishop," Kriss says. "She went to school to get her 'MRS.' You know, to get married. That's what you did back in the day. You found the man with the most potential, and you helped him succeed."

"Turns out to have been a mistake," Craig adds.

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