Inside the Episode: Lady Mae's Plight and Grace's Mission to Take Down Rochelle Cross

Season 3 Episode 302
CC | tv-pg
Greenleaf show creator Craig Wright and executive producer Kriss Turner Towner discuss Episode 302, "The Space Between." Craig explains that the title is very apt. "We called it 'The Space Between' because this is the episode where things really start to come apart. Everything starts to separate, and you can't fix it anymore," he says.

Craig and Kriss dig into the plot by addressing Grace's wariness of Rochelle Cross and her dedication to protect her family from whatever Rochelle is scheming. "I think Grace doesn't trust Rochelle because Grace knows, from previous seasons, that Rochelle has a history of messing around with bishops," Craig says. "And now Grace sees her family threatening to come apart because of this woman's intervention, and so she sets out to try to get to know Rochelle and figure out what the heck she's up to."

"Keep your enemies closer," Kriss adds.

Watch as Craig and Kriss shed light on more of the important scenes and plotlines in Episode 302, including Lady Mae's dilemmas within the context of her failing marriage to the bishop and how her struggles have led to a new and exciting dynamic between her and Grace.

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