Charity Loses Her Temper

Season 3 Episode 305
Aired on 09/19/2018 | CC tv-pg
Between co-parenting with Kevin, jeopardizing her career, and her failed relationship with Jabari, things haven't been going Charity's way, and out of emotional distress, she ends up getting high on oxycodone. As the family waits at the hospital for updates on Sophia's status, Charity goes to get a candy bar from the vending machine. When it malfunctions, she hits her breaking point and her behavior turns violent.

Charity starts pushing and shaking the vending machine, hoping her candy bar will come out, but it doesn't budge. Kerissa overhears Charity's growing frustration and offers her another dollar, but Charity refuses, insisting on getting the snack she already paid for.

As Charity's blows to the machine get louder and more powerful, Lady Mae hurries over. "What is the problem?" she asks.

"I'm getting ripped off," Charity exclaims in exasperation before turning again to the beleaguered vending machine. "But you picked the wrong one. Not today, honey. Give me my candy bar!"

Both Lady Mae and Kerissa are now very concerned and try to calm Charity down. However, Charity's behavior grows even more manic and violent. "I don't want more money. I want what I deserve," she yells while hitting the vending machine. "I want my candy bar!"

Finally, Charity punches the vending machine so hard that the glass breaks. With her hand severely lacerated and bleeding, she reaches into the machine, pulls out a Whatchamacallit bar, peels open the wrapper and triumphantly tucks into her hard-earned treat. "I'm going to need stitches," she matter-of-factly observes as her family looks on in horrified shock, adding, "Somebody's gonna need a lawyer."

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