Character Profile: Kerissa Greenleaf

Season 2
CC | tv-pg
On OWN's mega-church drama, Greenleaf, Kerissa Greenleaf is the wife of Jacob, the only son of Bishop and Lady Mae Greenleaf, and the former heir apparent to the pulpit at the family's mega-church, Calvary World Ministries. During Season 1, Kerissa, played by actress Kim Hawthorne, actively pushed Jacob to set his ambitions higher. When Jacob's sister Grace swoops in and takes his place as the bishop's favored successor, Jacob makes a break with Calvary and joins a rival church, taking Kerissa and their children with him. In Season 2, he may finally step out of his family's shadow once and for all.

Here, in this exclusive interview, Kim hints at what's to come for her and Jacob now that they're working with Pastor Basie Skanks of Triumph Church.

Tune in to the Season 2 premiere of Greenleaf on March 15, only on OWN.