Can Lady Mae Forgive Mac?

Season 1 Episode 110
CC | tv-pg
Mac is in the hospital after being shot in the arm by the bishop, who couldn't contain his pain and anger over what Mac did to Faith. While each family member is still processing their feelings about the situation, Lady Mae pays her brother a visit.

"What are you doing here, Mae?" Mac says from his hospital bed, his voice hushed and gravelly.

Lady Mae averts her eyes and takes a deep breath, as if in deep contemplation.

"What?" Mac asks again.

"I'm here...I came here because the Lord said I have to forgive you, but now that I'm sitting here, I don't think I can," Lady Mae says. "I hate what you did so much, Robert. I hate what it's cost in the people I love, what it cost my little girl Faith."

Mac remains silent, refusing to meet his sister's eyes, as Lady Mae continues. "The thoughts in her head while you were doing whatever you did to her," Lady Mae says, rising from her chair and leaning over him. "The screaming in her soul that she had to die just to make go away, that you put there—you put there! I hate you so much."

Finally, Mac turns his head and looks into his sister's smoldering eyes. Lady Mae pauses, as if struggling to bear the weight of her words. Finally, she says, "And I know that if I don't forgive you, the Lord will never forgive me and deliver my family from all of this...but I don't think I can."