Basie Runs into Trouble on the Road

Season 3 Episode 313
Aired on 11/21/2018 | CC tv-pg
Basie is preparing to make his grand escape out of town, stopping only to grab Rochelle a bottle of gin for the road, but he attempts to convince Tasha to come with him one last time. However, Tasha wants nothing to do with him or Rochelle anymore. "Just stop calling me, please," Tasha tells him.

"Well, what you going to do, huh?" Basie replies tauntingly. "Run and get it back on with your tea cake? Look, Jacob Greenleaf don't want you."

Tasha explains that she doesn't want to jeopardize the really good deal she cut with the FBI when she turned herself in. "Well, what you going to do for green?" Basie replies. "We got a suitcase full of it."

"You need to give that money back," Tasha says.

"Oh, come on, baby. The Lord giveth. If he wants it, he could take it away," Basie says flippantly. "Otherwise, it's staying with Uncle Basie."

Tasha pauses, "Why do you want me?"

"Why do you think? You're my sweet-ass girl."

Tasha attempts to end the conversation, but Basie isn't through. "I'm not giving up on you. You know that, right? But I do know when prayer and fasting work better than begging and pleading. I know that."

Basie's pleading seems to have no effect on Tasha, who finally hangs up the phone on him. "Goodbye, Basie," she says firmly.

"Every man got his woman," Basie says to himself. "I'll be damned if that angel ain't mine. Just going to take her awhile for her to remember."

Basie then redirects his focus to paying for his goods at the register. After laying down some bills, he digs in his pocket for the remaining change, but the customer behind him beats him to it. "Thank you, brother," Basie says, pleasantly surprised, gazing up at the physically imposing good Samaritan. "That just the money you had in your pocket?"

The man nods silently, leveling an unsettling stare at Basie, who quickly realizes that he's being followed by bookies. "Ain't that something?" Basie says nervously. "That's just the Lord at work."

Basie tries to keep his cool. "You better give this brother a discount. He got a blessing coming his way," he tells the cashier before hurrying out to Rochelle's car.

The bookie throws cash on the counter and follows after Basie. Basie finally makes it to Rochelle's car and orders her to drive off. As they speed away from the liquor store, the bookies are quick to follow.

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