Basie Hands Jacob a Huge Responsibility

Season 2 Episode 213
CC | tv-pg
When Basie Skanks' gambling debts finally catch up to him, he's forced to relinquish control of his church to Jacob Greenleaf. Lamman Rucker, the actor who brilliantly portrays Jacob, says his character isn't quite sure whether he's ready to carry the full weight of a large congregation, but he's definitely willing to try. Here, Lamman reflects on the many surprises Jacob has faced over the run of the series.

Additionally, fellow Greenleaf cast members Oprah Winfrey and Merle Dandridge discuss how the recent revelation about Grace and Mac—that he attempted to sexually assault her before he preyed on her sister Faith—adds a new depth to her animosity toward her uncle and to her relentless pursuit to bring him to justice.