Basie to Tasha: "I Don't Trust You Anymore"

Season 3 Episode 311
Aired on 11/07/2018 | CC tv-pg
Tasha attempts to get on Basie's good side after he hears Jacob tell her that he loves her on the phone. She tries to assure Basie that nothing happened between her and Jacob, but Basie is furious. As he silently finishes his lunch, Tasha tries to take his plate, but he snatches it out of her hands and slams it on the counter. "Don't playact like you're the good little wife when now you know I know it ain't like that," he says.

Tasha continues to claim that she didn't do anything wrong, but Basie isn't buying it. "I was out there every night, on the road or in some flophouse, trying not to get my ass killed," he tells her. "Praying to God, begging him to put you in my dreams, just so I could see your face. And the whole time, you...loving on Jacob Greenleaf."

"How many times do I have to tell you nothing happened?" Tasha replies desperately. "And even if it did, which it didn't, you had me thinking you were dead."

"Tasha, I kept my existential status a secret to protect you," Basie tells her, his voice rising. "In case someone came looking for me, asking questions."

"Well, you told Rochelle."

"Look, I knew it wasn't going to be easy, but I figured it only going to be a couple of months; it ain't like Tasha gonna find someone new that fast," he tells her, laying bare his contempt for her. "But it turns out you faster than I thought."

Tasha walks over to Basie and attempts to hold him, but he violently recoils from her touch. "I said, don't," he warns her. "I don't trust you anymore. And to be perfectly honest, I don't know how I'm gonna ever trust you again."

As Tasha tries to wrap her mind around what just happened, Basie's phone buzzes. Seeing that it's Rochelle, he casually answers the call, and—leveling one last ice-cold side-eye at Tasha—he takes his leave.

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