GregAlan Williams: Greenleaf Can Change How the World Sees African-Americans

Season 2
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GregAlan Williams, the actor who plays Robert "Mac" McCready on OWN's hit drama Greenleaf, was born in 1956. American television, GregAlan points out, featured few African-American actors while he was growing up in the '60s. It was such a rare event, in fact, that GregAlan recalls how even hearing a black voice coming from the TV could bring his whole household running.

"When I was a kid and we were having supper in the kitchen and we heard a black voice on television, we would rush to the living room to see who it was," GregAlan says. "Diahann Carroll. Ivan Dixon. Who was it? Because it was so rare."

Here, GregAlan, elaborates on the ways African-American representation on TV has evolved, and opens up about why he's proud to take part in—and add to—that tradition.

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