Shanice Performs Her New Song: "I Think I Got Another Hit"

Season 2 Episode 204
Aired on 07/30/2016 | CC tv-pg
Flex and Shanice have a double bill lined up in Las Vegas, so the family packs their bags and hits the strip!

After Flex opens the show with his stand-up routine, Shanice takes the stage to perform a her new song, "Love You 'Til It Hurts," at the suggestion of her new record producer, Mali Hunter. Shanice was apprehensive about starting off with a brand new song, but she ultimately puts her faith in Mali's very capable hands.

"I'm going with Mali on this," says Shanice. "I just hope that advice doesn't backfire."

After giving a show-stopping performance, Shanice has a good feeling about the future of her music career: "I think i got another hit! I can feel it; The audience does too."

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