Joel Rogozenski

Cancer and Clutter

The Rogozenski family's lives were forever changed when Joel was diagnosed with leukemia 13 years ago. His wife, Paula has helped him battle his illness and raise their two daughters. Meanwhile, the Rogozenskis' home has become buried beneath mountains of clutter.
Joel and Paula Rogozenski in their family room

Uninviting Family Room

Clothes, boxes of books and unfinished home-improvement projects inundate the Rogozenski home so badly it's rendered areas like the living room totally unusable. Now, Joel may have only months to live, and the clutter is robbing the family of enjoying whatever remaining time they have left together. Paula says she wants to get her home in order for Joel but she doesn't know where to begin.

"When we walk down the staircase, this is the room we see," Joel says. "???it's kind of depressing but hopefully that will change." Meanwhile, the clutter keeps piling up.
Laura Rogozenski

Memory Clutter

Paula says she feels overwhelmed by both her husband's illness and her cluttered home, so she clings to items - particularly from her daughters' childhoods - that remind her of happier times. Her daughters, Laura and Felicia, say they want nothing to do with these things and the friction is putting a barrier between the girls and their parents.

Peter confronts the family with what's led to their physical and emotional clutter - their refusal to face Joel's illness. Peter says that only by openly discussing their emotions about Joel's leukemia will the family be able to clear away the clutter and live in the "now".
Guest room dresser area before.

The Guest Room Before

Before Peter organizes the guest room it's packed with so many boxes and piles of wood you can't even see the floor.

Joel can no longer travel to see his loved ones because of his illness. After Peter and his team help to clear the room, there should be plenty of space for out of town guests to come and visit Joel.
Guest room dresser area after.

The Guest Room: After
After the room is rebuilt based on the families "Vision Pile", a calm, relaxing environment is created and there is plenty of space for visitors' belongings.
Guest room sleeping area after.

The Guest Room After: An Inviting Space

After Peter and his team declutter the room, the miraculous makeover is sure to bring houseguests and new memories for the Rogozenskis.

"It brings family back into this space," Peter says.
The family room before.

The Family Room: Before

When Peter first arrives at Paula and Joel's house, boxes are stacked six feet high in the family room, and racks of clothes and unfinished Do-it-Yourself projects filled the corners.
The family room after.

The Family Room: After

After the transformation, the room is inviting and everything has its right place. Paula and Joel can now make it a true "family" room again.
Family celebration.

Cause for Celebration A few weeks after Peter's time with the family, the Rogozenski's throw a party celebrating daughter Laura's graduation from college. They are able to invite Joel's family over to share in their "new" home.

"The thing that I learned is it's not really the material items, its your relationship with your spouse, and your family, making sure the girls were dealing with my illness and live for the moment and just be happy," says Joel.

"I'll always remember Peter for what he's done for us," says Paula. "And we're more than thankful for giving us our dream, basically."