To prepare for making the best pizza, be sure you preheat your oven at the maximum temperature. Heat the oven for at least half an hour before you plan to cook in order to get the interior good and hot. A pizza stone will help your crust turn out crispy and even. It also will help maintain a steady temperature in your oven. Some pizza aficionados even line the bottom of their oven with tiles or bricks.

But if you don't have a stone and a pizza peel, don't worry! Use a sheet pan instead. Wipe the pan with olive oil and toss in a handful of corn meal or semolina. With a sheet pan, you can also roll or stretch your dough to fit the pan.

Remember to use your longest oven mitts when handling your pizza, whichever method you use. Your pizza should cook in 8 to 12 minutes. It's done when the crust starts to brown and the cheese is starting to melt into the sauce.