The "Crazy" Reason Ryan Michelle Bathe Once Broke Up with Sterling K. Brown

Season 2 Episode 202
Aired on 05/19/2018 | CC
Sterling K. Brown and his wife, Ryan Michelle Bathe, have been married for 11 years, but the beginning of their relationship wasn't entirely smooth sailing. As Sterling tells it, "We had 10 of the best days of my life that were just magic. ... And then, she stopped talking to me."

"It sounds crazy!" Ryan protests as Sterling urges her explain why.

"And it is," Sterling says. "And that's what I want them to hear."

Ryan relents, explaining how her mother and grandmother—who, Ryan says, claim to have "the sight"—called to warn her about ominous visions they had had about Sterling. "The vision was: He is this horrible person; you need to be deathly afraid of him; he's evil," Ryan says.

Always obedient and still under her family's thumb, Ryan broke it off. However, Ryan says she found the strength to think for herself after seeking therapy. "I had to learn that it was okay to let things go [without] letting people go," she says.

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