Shaun and Rai King Talk Candidly About the Benefits of Marriage Counseling

Season 2 Episode 204
Aired on 06/02/2018 | CC tv-14
Writer/activist Shaun King and his wife, Rai, married and had children at a young age, which, Shaun says, left little time for the couple to work through the practicalities of being partners and parents. So, Shaun and Rai reached out for help.

"We elected to do marriage counseling, which helped us a lot," Shaun says.

Rai agrees. "It was just one of those things, like, why haven't we done this before?" she says. "It was really instrumental in getting us to stop, look at each other and talk about who we are as a married couple, apart from the kids, apart from the jobs, apart from his Twitter handle."

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