Rev Run and Justine Simmons Urge Others to Consider Adoption

Season 2 Episode 204
Aired on 06/02/2018 | CC tv-14
When Rev Run and Justine Simmons found out later in her pregnancy that there was something wrong with the baby's development, they were devastated—but they still held on to hope. Every day, Rev Run says, he would wake up early and pray for a miracle. However, a miracle did not come, and their baby passed away shortly after birth.

Afterward, as they began the healing process, Rev Run and Justine felt God was calling on them to adopt. In 2007, they welcomed a 1-month-old daughter, Miley, to the family and have been vocal advocates for adoption ever since.

"[Justine] forgets sometimes that that isn't the baby that she carried," Rev says.

Justine adds, "I do want women to know out there: If they can't have a baby, please think about adopting, because it is unreal how it feels like your [biological] baby."

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