A Former NFL Player Explains How Money and Fame Intensify People's Vices

Season 2 Episode 203
Aired on 05/26/2018 | CC
Former NFL linebacker Bart Scott and his wife, Starr, have gone through more than one breakup over the course of their relationship because of Bart's infidelity. Now married for 12 years, the husband and wife are candid about their struggles, which Bart says were intensified by the success and fast-paced lifestyle that came with a career as a professional athlete.

"I'm not trying to use that as an excuse," Bart says. "Whatever you are, money and fame make you more of that. If you're a gambler, you have the resources to be a better gambler. If you're an adulterer, then it makes you more of an adulterer. If you're a drug addict, it makes you a bigger drug addict."

In Bart's case, his tendency to cheat was what he says became more intense. "When I became a professional [athlete], I thought that gave me the license to be more of what I already was."

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