Kofi Siriboe and His Mom's Amazing Full-Circle Moment

Aired on 05/08/2018 | CC
When Queen Sugar star Kofi Siriboe was young, his mother, Koshie, made many sacrifices to introduce him and his two brothers to many different sports and activities in the hope that they would find their respective passions. All three of Koshie's sons ended up gravitating toward acting and have found success, which Kofi says never would have happened without his mother's selfless efforts. He highlights this point with a story about a full-circle moment in his acting career.

"When Queen Sugar Season 2 came out, they had a big campaign, with billboards and everything, and [my mom] worked at Kaiser Permanente," Kofi recalls. "The first billboard in L.A. that she saw, we saw, was on La Cienega at a gas station right across from Kaiser Permanente. And that's the same gas station [where] she used to leave work, come meet my dad at the gas station, switch cars, switch kids, go to work, run to a game, go to Palisades, pick up a kid. ... That's where it all started. Only to see, you know, 10 years later, that's the first billboard that I had up there. And it just was a full-circle moment."

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