How This Couple Ended Up Engaged Before They Were Boyfriend and Girlfriend

Season 2 Episode 202
Aired on 05/19/2018 | CC tv-14
For a majority of married couples, their path to the altar was conventional: meet, begin dating, become exclusive, get engaged, get married. For Navy Lt. Tony Ingram and his wife, Brittany, however, their journey skipped one big step.

As Tony tells it, he and Brittany weren't even "boyfriend and girlfriend" when he proposed to her—with a ring—before he was set to deploy to Japan for 18 months. "She looked at me and she's like, 'We're not even in a relationship. How's this work?'" Tony recalls.

Brittany, who was in love with Tony and couldn't imagine losing him, has a similar recollection. "When he proposed, I'm like, 'Tony! I'm not even your girlfriend,'" she says, before turning to her husband. "I don't know if you remember saying this. He was like, 'Well, I don't want you to be my girlfriend. I want you to be my wife.'"

A few weeks later, the couple went to the courthouse, got married and have since been living their happily ever after.

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