How One Mom Found the Strength to Carry On After Losing a Child

Aired on 05/08/2018 | CC tv-14
Miss Honey is a mother of nine, including the duo behind gospel sensation Mary Mary, Erica and Tina Campbell. As the family matriarch, Miss Honey is a source of inspiration and strength for her family, but Miss Honey says her strength was never tested more than when her second son died shortly before turning 6.

"That was the most devastating situation, ordeal, that I have ever gone through in my entire life," Miss Honey says. "I lost all my strength."

Miss Honey says that she was so consumed by grief that she wouldn't eat or even talk to others. Finally, her own mother took it upon herself to snap Miss Honey out of her funk: "She leaned over to me. She said, 'Now tell me. This is your mama talking. If you lay up here and lose your mind, the husband you got ain't going to want you, another one ain't going to want you, and somebody else is going to raise your kids.' The first two things she said didn't hit as hard, but when she said somebody else was going to be raising my kids, I knew I had to come to. ... I knew I was coming out of this."

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