How Erica Campbell's Mom Reacted Upon Learning She Wasn't a Virgin

Aired on 05/08/2018 | CC tv-14
Erica Campbell, of the gospel singing duo Mary Mary, wishes she could say that she remained a virgin until marriage, but that was not the case—and she'll never forget the moment a friend of hers told Erica's mother that Erica had become sexually active. It may have happened years ago, but Erica remembers the subsequent conversation with her mom, Miss Honey, vividly.

"I remember we were in that blue Chevy," Erica says, looking back on that day. "I just knew that I was going to feel some sense of shame."

But Erica's mom surprised her. Miss Honey didn't make Erica feel any shame or judgment, which Erica now says had a big impact on her in the years after their conversation. "That made me want to follow what you taught me even more," she says to her mother. "When I realized how much you loved me, I wanted to give that love back to you by following your rules."

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