How Bozoma Saint John's Family Moved Through Her Husband's Final Months

Aired on 05/08/2018 | CC tv-14
Shortly after Bozoma Saint John's husband, Peter, was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2013, his body began to weaken. Determined to make the most of his final months with his family, Peter would wake every morning with a plan for the day, whether it was doing something simple, like watching a football game on TV together, or something more adventurous, like the time Peter decided to take his daughter, Lael, camping.

In this digital exclusive, Bozoma and Lael recall the girl's camping trip with her dad two months before he passed. "Before, he had promised me that we would go camping," Lael, now 9, says. "And that he would do things with me to make sure we had memories."

"You had such a great time," Bozoma adds. "I felt like that was really important."

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