How Adjua Styles Found Out Her Husband, Styles P, Was Cheating on Her

Season 2 Episode 203
Aired on 05/26/2018 | CC
Typically, when Adjua Styles gets a voicemail from her husband, hip-hop artist Styles P, she doesn't rush to listen to it, since she knows the two will speak soon enough anyway. But one fateful day, Adjua couldn't ignore the persistent voicemail notification, so she gave the message a listen. That's when her relationship changed forever.

"It was a butt dial, and he was, like, having a conversation. But in the conversation, the tone was completely inappropriate," Adjua recalls. "It was off because I know his tone. He only speaks to females one way, and it was that way. And I knew what it was right away."

Adjua confronted her husband about the voicemail, but he panicked and took off. "He left right away because I think he didn't know where I was going to go or what I was going to do or how I was going to react," Adjua says. "I was very calm, though."

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