Tanya Evans-Norris (NASM, CPT) is a Celebrity Fitness and Lifestyle Consultant and certified Pre and Postnatal Specialist. She is also a personal trainer for Supermodel Beverly Johnson and her Plus Size Model daugther, Anansa Sims. Tanya shares with us things that all moms should know in order to start losing that baby weight...some of her tips might just surprise you!

Almost every woman who has given birth has faced the dilemma of coping with "baby weight" - the extra pounds still remaining on your body days, weeks, months, or even years after you've had a child. For some women, shedding the baby weight is easy. For others, the pounds packed on during pregnancy may stick around for life. We've all been told that we can lose postpartum pounds by dieting, exercising, and breastfeeding, but several unlikely tips can also prove useful. Here are some surprising ways that you can help yourself lose the baby-weight.
New Mom with Baby

1. Give Birth Naturally if at all Possible

In addition to losing fluid (and an eight-pound baby) during childbirth, You also burn off several pounds of fat during labor. Vaginal childbirth, especially when unmedicated, forces the body to work hard and is roughly equivalent to running a marathon. Calories burned during labor and recovery help to burn your body's extra fat reserves.

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2. Catch More Zzzzzzzz

If only it were that easy! Moms with newborns rarely get anywhere near the amount of sleep they need, especially if they also have other children. However, a good amount of sleep is - like food and fresh air - absolutely essential for your health in every way. Sufficient sleep is associated with much healthier eating patterns, more exercise, and improved weight loss. Shed the pounds by taking a nap every time you get a chance.

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3. Don't Worry, Be Happy

One surprising tip for losing baby weight is to effectively treat and prevent postpartum mental health disorders. Postpartum depression is extremely common and tends to prevent the loss of baby-weight (or even to add on extra pounds), since depression can cause significant changes in appetite. Exercise, eat right, sleep well, and maintain a good support network to prevent postpartum depression. If those measures aren't cutting it, seek professional help. Your mind and body will both benefit.

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4. Drink Water Constantly

After losing massive amounts of fluid during childbirth, then producing large amounts of breast milk, your postpartum body requires all the water it can possibly get. In the first few weeks after having my daughter, I was constantly thirsty and had to drink a gallon and a half per day to meet my body's needs. This not only prevents dehydration, but can also significantly help with postpartum weight loss. Many studies have shown that overweight women benefit from drinking more water; it suppresses the appetite and promotes fat-burning.

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5. Classic advice about losing baby-weight still stands. There is no better way to lose weight than to exercise regularly, eat a healthy diet, and breastfeed your baby if at all possible. However, when those tips don't cut it, a few extra unlikely tricks can help you shed the pounds and get your body back to its level of postpartum fitness.

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