Don't try and do it all. Women are especially guilty of this one. We want to do it all - excel at our jobs, cook the perfect dinner, have a beautiful home, raise happy kids, etc. One problem: We can't do it all, and trying to do so just leaves us harried, frazzled, and grumpy. No wonder many women aren't in the mood for sex at the end of the day!

Accept help when your partner offers it. Even if he doesn't unload the dishwasher the "right" way, he can still be your teammate and give you much-needed R & R time. Let go of the control and accept that not everything is going to be picture-perfect. When you are relaxed and happy, your sex life and your relationship will benefit as a result.

Have fun together. It sounds simple, but many people let the fun in their relationship fizzle. Sure, life is hectic, but you should always make time to enjoy each other's company. And, date night doesn't have to cost a lot! Have a game night with your partner and play classic board games like Twister or Scrabble, or make margaritas and tacos and have a Mexican-themed date night at home. Whatever you do, make sure that you always make time for each other. After all, that's what being married is all about!

The honeymoon shouldn't be over. Lastly, don't pack away your swimsuits just because the honeymoon is technically over. It shouldn't be the last romantic trip you take as a couple. Even if you have kids, you still need this special away time with your partner. Keep having honeymoons forever!