Engaged couples often spend time discussing every minute detail of their upcoming union. Between ordering the perfect floral arrangements and losing those last five pounds for the wedding dress, many couples forget to plan for what's most important: their relationship after the "I do's."
Steal these tricks from happily married couples and make sure that your love life stays on track long after your sunburn from the honeymoon has faded:

Take romantic comedies with a grain of salt. A recently released study found that fans of romantic comedies are less likely to communicate with their partners and more likely to have unrealistic expectations of their relationships. Even though you wish your husband could read your mind or that he would be a diehard romantic, the truth is that you can't change your partner into the perfect man. Besides, reality is often much more interesting than fiction. Lesson learned: Enjoy your romantic comedies, but go easy on your partner - there's only one Hugh Grant, after all!

Communicate your private desires. Somewhere along the way, many long-term couples stop talking about sex. This can be a huge problem, even if your sex life is currently blissful. You need to be able to talk about your needs and your fantasies, especially if issues ever arise down the road. Communication is key when it comes to great sex. Remember, if you don't tell your wife or husband what you want and need, they won't be able to give it to you. If you are too afraid to voice your fantasies out loud, start a fantasy box and write down your fantasies on little slips of paper. Whenever things get dull, reach into the fantasy box, pull out a fantasy, and act it out!