Do you feel like your orgasms during sex are about as predictable as the stock market? You're not alone!
Most women find that orgasms happen irregularly, at best, during intercourse. It's frustrating, and has left more than one man and woman feeling inadequate. What's most important is that couples understand only about 30 percent of women regularly orgasm during intercourse. That's right - the rest of us gals need additional stimulation or don't ever get there during penetration.

The problem is that while the clitoris is the gateway to orgasm for most women, intercourse pretty much misses it. Even women who have G-spot or pelvic floor orgasms probably lay the groundwork via the clitoris (Don't worry, we'll get to G-spot orgasms another day. So much to talk about and so little time!) I always think that it's a shame when women tell me, "I can only get to orgasm through clitoral stimulation." Who cares? An orgasm is an orgasm and it doesn't matter how you get there.