Relationships are high pressure enough, without a compulsory holiday that forces us to squeeze all of the romance we can out of one day.
How many times do couples come up short? What if the kids get sick? Or one of you has a terrible day at work? Or you just can't stand each other for no good reason that morning? The expectations of this day leave many couples feeling inadequate or simply bored by the end of it.

Why not be creative and do the anti-Valentine's Day this year? Be a rebel and get your adrenaline pumping by bucking the trend together. Be bad. It's good for your sex life. (Far better than roses and Hallmark cards)

Need some ideas? Why not try:
  • Having crazy sex the night before Valentine's Day to take the steam out of it.
  • Eating lots of chocolate. It's the chemical equivalent to being in love and having an orgasm.
  • Wearing all black ??? including black Granny panties if you dare. Ditch the contrived heart lingerie. Make romance real, not forced.
  • Sending each other an Anti-Valentine's Day card, with messages like "Happy Tuesday".
  • Picking a fight (I'm joking).

In all seriousness, your relationship is far better off when you define it for yourself and not according to anyone else's expectations, including a national holiday. Love is found in the small gestures and daily deeds more than in the grand attempts at romance. You know how the best times are the ones you never saw coming? It's something to keep in mind this Valentine's Day.

Be true to the one you love. Be loving. Heck, celebrate Valentine's Day if you feel inspired. Just be most dedicated to what feels right for your relationship.

Viva la resistance!