Schedule alone time. You need to have time with your spouse when you can just chat, reconnect, and yes, flirt! A date night is a guaranteed way to make sure that your bond with your partner stays strong and healthy, not to mention it's great just to enjoy each other's company in peace and quiet! If you can???t afford a sitter, switch off babysitting with another couple in your neighborhood or circle of friends. Don't try to do too much or cram your evening with a busy schedule that can cause conflict. Remember, this is all about reconnecting and rekindling.

Go on vacation with just your partner. A family trip with the kids is fun, but it isn???t exactly relaxing, nor does it lend itself to romance. Leave the kids at home and take at least one "romantic vacation" with your partner every year. (Hint: This vacation would be a great time to start implementing all of the above steps!) Airfare isn???t cheap, but your marriage is priceless!