Take note of the sex/intimacy cycle. Sex feeds the intimacy of your relationship, and the intimacy feeds the sex. Many men cannot feel emotionally intimate with their partner unless their sex life is satisfying, but many women cannot be satisfied by their sex life without intimacy. For example, if women aren???t called by their pet name, cuddled, kissed, and loved outside the bedroom, they might be less likely to crave sex. On the other hand, if the sex isn???t there, men pull away. This is why sexual problems need to be nipped in the bud???a poor sex life can truly destroy a relationship.

Schedule sex. Too often couples get hung up on the idea that sex should be spontaneous and completely unplanned. Yet if you are trying to juggle the demands of your family and your career, you know all too well that unplanned activities fall through the cracks. Until sex becomes a regular part of your weekly routine again, schedule it. Planned sex is better than no sex at all!