When it comes to falling in love, we rarely have a choice in the matter. The very phrase "falling in love" suggests a lack of control, an undeniable, overpowering gravitational pull to the object of our desire. However, falling back in love can require a little more effort and thought. If you and your partner have been distant, disconnected, and downright crabby with each other lately, here are some easy ways to recreate that loving feeling:
Be honest. It's hard to be in love with your spouse if you are withholding secret thoughts and resentments. Honest communication is the cornerstone of intimacy between lovers. Dump your secrets and own up to your relationship truths (whether it is that you are faking orgasms or that you can't stand the way he acts around his friends), and ask him to do the same.

Share fantasies. If you want to spice up your sex life and have your needs met in the bedroom, then speak up and share your fantasies with your spouse. You can also create a "fantasy box." To do so, write down your fantasies on slips of paper, and then store them in a box in your boudoir. Whenever things get a little too routine in the bedroom, simply pull a piece of paper out of the fantasy box and act it out!

Restart your sex life. In some cases, the best way to get your sex life back on track is to stop it and then restart it. This new beginning will help you to renew your sex life without the past holding you back. A fresh start might be just what you and your partner need to reconnect!