Alright, ladies, let's be honest, do you sort of wear the pants in your relationship?
Most women would proudly claim that they do. Maybe they don't call it that, but they certainly do it all; taking care of the kids, deciding what kind of wardrobe their husbands have, where they go on vacation; not to mention how the house is run. Whether they work outside or inside the home, they are alpha women.

While being an alpha woman in the office could land you a big promotion, being an alpha wife can wreak havoc on your sex life and your relationship. In the early days of dating, you and your partner were likely on equal terms. You didn't bully him to pick up his dirty laundry or fussily reload the dishwasher after he has attempted to take it off your plate. But you probably knew from the beginning that he was kind and gentle and safe. And being in control makes you feel safe as well. After all, if you are in control of everything, especially him, he really needs you, right? He wouldn't leave you because he's so dependent. But you're wrong.