Dr. Phil, the majority of people who make New Year's resolutions break them. So, can you help us here?
Robin Meade, host of Ask Oprah's All Stars

Dr. Phil: There are three things that you need to do. First, make sure it's a measurable goal. I mean, don't just be talking about, "Oh, I'm going to do better." What does that mean? Have a measurable goal.

Second, set a timetable and put in well-defined, small steps. You can't do it all in one big leap. [Say] here's what I am going to do first, then second, then third.

And lastly, find somebody you can be accountable to: your mom, a friend, somebody who every Friday is going to hold your feet to the fire.

My resolution is to slow down and enjoy the ride a little more. I will tell you what made me think about that. I've got a new granddaughter, and she is spectacular. I want to slow down and really enjoy her.

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