You've heard of the 40-year-old virgin. How about the 52-year-old virgin? That's me. I haven't really dated for the last 30 years. Most of my life as an adult, I've been overweight. [At] my highest weight, I was tipping just under 300 pounds. ...I started on a regimen to eat better and eat healthier, and in the process, I have lost almost 100 pounds.

Even though I feel more confident, I still have those times where I feel insecure, and I feel those stings of rejection. I don't want to be a virgin forever. Dr. Phil, how do I get through this maze of how to date? And how do I get through the insecurity of feeling that rejection?


Dr. Phil: You've got to get in the game. You've got to get out there where people can discover you, where they can see you, where they can find out about your sense of humor and your warm heart and everything about that. And to that end, I want you to meet some people.

Dr. Phil helps you find your sexual confidence

Make sure you're not giving off signals that tell people to stay away. You want to tell people, "Hey, listen, I am here, and I am happy to meet somebody." Let me give you a couple of tips:

Number one: Make eye contact. Seriously, look these boys in the eye because eyes tell you a lot. And you will connect with them that way.

Number two: When it comes to guys, their favorite topic is them. So, ask questions about them. They will think, "Oh, wow, I am the most interesting person in the world." They'll love the way you make them feel.

Number three: Have fun. Dating should be fun. It's serious if you're headed for a relationship, but the process should be fun. So, have some fun. You've got a great personality.

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