Dr. Phil, what is your final action plan for 2011?

DR. PHIL: I really believe that life is too fast. We really do need to slow down. And so what I'd like for you to do is for the next month, I want you to make an appointment with yourself and devote thirty minutes each day just for you and relax.

Now that's easy to say, and it's hard to do. You really have to make an appointment with yourself. Maybe it means that you get up thirty minutes earlier than you need to, to start taking care of everybody else in the world. Or maybe it means that you put everybody to bed and you take thirty minutes at the end.

But decide somewhere in there, you're gonna take thirty minutes to be thoughtful, spend it in prayer, spend it in meditation, spend it in just doing something that lets you decompress. It's not just that thirty minutes, that radiates like a pebble in a pond throughout your whole day. Give yourself thirty minutes a day, it???ll make a huge difference to your mental health.

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