Dr. Phil, how do I overcome my extreme anxiety when it comes to performing in front of people? -Shanta from Culver City, California

DR. PHIL: Now you play the "what if" game," don't you?

SHANTA: I think unconsciously, yes.

DR. PHIL: All right, what do you think I mean by "what if" game? What do you do?

SHANTA: What if I miss that first note? And what if I trip? What if I - yeah, what if they don't like the song? Yeah.

DR. PHIL: Exactly. You do that. And I don't mind that actually. I really don't. I think that's okay. In fact, I wanna play "what if" with you right now. There's nothing wrong with playing it, as long as you play it out to the end. Let's play the game. So, what, what's the biggest fear you have? What if the audience is there, the camera's are there, millions of people around the world are tuning in. Everybody's looking at ya and you get out there and choke and can't sing. What's gonna happen then?

SHANTA: They'd doubt me. They'd judge me.

DR. PHIL: They'd judge you and doubt you. Okay. And if they judge you and doubt you, then what happens? I mean, would you die? Would you, would you wither up and blow away?

SHANTA: No, I wouldn't. I'd probably be a little disappointed in myself. I might be a lot disappointed in my self.

DR. PHIL: Okay. But you would get over it?

SHANTA: Yeah, eventually.

DR. PHIL: But hear me. What you're telling me is the worst thing that can happen if this goes as badly as it can go... that you would be okay. You're gonna have to do something for me beyond think it's gonna be okay. 'Cause you gotta understand, I'm responsible for all this, right? I mean, it cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to create this show. And it beams out - it goes all over the place. I'm just telling you the truth. I mean, let's get real. Let's get real. So, I have a decision to make whether to let you sing or not. Do you deserve this?

SHANTA: I do! I do. I've worked hard for this. I've accomplished a lot. I've overcome a lot. I have worked hard. I've worked hard to get here. Even where I'm at right now, I've - it's taken a lot out of me to get where I'm at.

DR. PHIL: No, talk to me. It's okay, talk to me. Do you deserve this?

SHANTA: I do. I do. I deserve this.

DR. PHIL: I deserve it and I want it and I claim it.

SHANTA: I want it, I claim it, and I'll have it. I will have it.

DR. PHIL: Can I believe in you?

SHANTA: Absolutely.

DR. PHIL: Can Oprah believe in you?

SHANTA: Oh, absolutely.

DR. PHIL: So when it comes time, you're gonna step out there and own this?

SHANTA: I am gonna knock it out the park.

DR. PHIL: This is your time. I do believe you.

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