How can I go into a store, if I'm going for one item, and just get that one item? And not a whole wardrobe?-Elizabeth from theAsk Oprah's All Starsstudio audience

DR. PHIL: You already asked a question you know the answer to. You said, first question you asked me, you said, "Why do I go into the store to buy one thing and I buy five others?" You don't go to the store expecting to buy one thing, you are not a slow learner. Correct? So you know, because of your history, you know when you go you're gonna spend, right? But you got over 50 high-end purses. You bought 15 comforter sets this year. You gotta be really warm. You have 15 comforter sets this year. You bought 50 of these high-end bags. And you give 'em away

DR. PHIL: You said, "I get an adrenaline rush." Why is your life so boring that you need to get a rush after rush after rush after rush... by buying something? Why do you need that high? Why do you need that fix every day? Well, don't pretend you don't know this, and that you haven't thought about this. Okay, what happens when people take heroin? They get a rush, right? And then when it wears off, how do they feel? If they don't get another fix, they get sick, right? Let's review what you said when you started. "When I go to the store and buy this stuff, I get an adrenaline rush! And then later I get actually sick. So, I go get another adrenaline rush! And then I get actually sick." This is an addiction for you. Do you see that? And you're, you're trying to make it okay. Oh, no, I just do it 'cause I want to. I don't need heroin! I just want heroin! She's not really a heroin addict, we're just using that as an example. But do you get what I'm sayin'? You're on this roller coaster. You got a self-esteem problem.

You know the first thing I want you to do? I want you to get rid of everything that you have purchased that you don't need. I want you to sell it on eBay, or take it back to the store, or have the damndest yard sale you've ever seen, in wherever in the South you're from. You need to downsize and you need to downsize your spending. Deal with psychological issues psychologically. You're dealing with them monetarily, it never works. You need to stop medicating yourself with things.

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